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Restricted Personal Pension Advice and a centralised Investment Proposition

Our flexible Personal Pension plan offerings are highly tax-efficient strategy for growing your pension fund to provide you with financial support in retirement. There are a large range of available funds within the plan, depending on your specific needs. Our flexible plans can expand and evolve as you see fit, enabling you to modify payments, or change the funds that you are invested in. You might also want to start a Top Up Plan – this is a personal pension plan that offers a variety of adviser charging options, giving you more flexibility and choice in regard to paid advice.

Features & Benefits


You must:

You can apply whether you are employed, self-employed or unemployed, and even if you already have a pension scheme with your employer.

It is important to remember that pensions are long-term investments. The benefits you will derive from your pension plan will be affected by various factors, such as the value of your plan when you choose to take your benefits (this is not guaranteed), and can decrease as well as increase, and even fall below what was invested.

Should you take financial advice?

We have an advice help desk that will be able to guide you in deciding whether you would benefit from some advice. To determine this, they will do the following:

If you decide that you could benefit from our help, we will book you in for an initial consultation with a financial adviser, free of charge. If you want or need to take immediate action, we can often transfer you to a telephone adviser straight away.